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Childcare Workers Orange County
Title:Childcare Workers Orange County
Department:Childhelp Merv Griffin Village
Location:Costa Mesa, CA

About Childhelp

CEO and Co-Founder SaraO’Meara and President and Co-Founder Yvonne Fedderson started Childhelp in 1959, establishing it as a leading national non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect and at-risk children. Childhelp focuses on advocacy, prevention, treatment and community outreach.

The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-4-A-CHILD®, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receives calls from throughout the United States, Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. Childhelp’s programs and services also include residential treatment services (villages); children’s advocacy centers; therapeutic foster care; group homes and child abuse prevention, education and training. Childhelp also created the National Day of Hope® that mobilizes people across America to join the fight against child abuse.  For more information about Childhelp, please visit the website at

 Opportunities are located in Costa Mesa, California. 

Position Summary:

The Childcare Worker’s goal is to improve the quality of life and make a difference in the lives of the children under their direct care by providing a safe, nurturing environment.  Responsible for direct supervision and behavior management of the children at all times. 


Essential Responsibilities:  


1.        Provide regular and consistent supervision of all children under their care by providing a creative environment  using appropriate limit setting and structuring techniques within the boundaries of Childhelp's standards. 

2.        Implement and institute daily routines for the cottage.  This includes evaluating house's structure and its’ effectiveness.

3.        Ensure the physical environment in the house meets the requirements as stated by management.  Maintain a safe, positive atmosphere for the children.  This includes cleaning, cooking and other housekeeping skills. 

4.        Provide for the basic health needs of the children with the assistance of the Childhelp medical staff.  This includes providing proper medical care, teaching personal hygiene habits, diet, and general preventative health care.

5.        Retain knowledge of the case history  and the existing treatment plan for each child. Possess the ability to provide input for the re-evaluation of each treatment plan through daily observational logging and quarterly documentation that is essential for formulating that plan.

6.        Observe and record the children’s daily activities and complete incident reports with objectivity.

7.        Communicate measurable behavioral objectives to the children and guide children toward successfully achieving the objectives.

8.        Assist children to identify and overcome barriers that are interfering with learning and the ability to succeed in overcoming the barriers.

9.        Possess the ability to identify children’s needs and participate in the development and implementation of interventions for meeting them.  This encompasses areas such as:

·         Education:  communicating with school, instituting individual homework plan, teaching reading etc.

·         Emotional growth: building self-esteem, increasing self-control by identifying feelings and coping skills to deal with them.  Relationship building and role modeling.

·         Social Skills: Manners, interactions with peers, and increasing community involvement.    

11.    Performs other related duties as assigned.


 RequirementsMinimum Requirements:

 Must have a High School diploma with a least one year verifiable experience working with children in a residential program; Successful candidates will be a minimum of 21-years of age and be able to successfully complete training, including certification in Pro-Act and First Aid/CPR; must possess a clean, valid CA Driver License and be able to pass a three tier background clearance. 



Childhelp is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer

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